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      With the advent of the Internet era, people's lives have undergone earth-shaking changes. In addition to simply obtaining information resources, even shopping, logistics, and transportation have undergone unprecedented changes.
      DH City Express, as a courier company in Ontario,  Canada, is an international logistics company that provides express services to facilitate people’s lives. We meet the needs of domestic and foreign individuals and e-commerce companies, provide international air freight and marine shipping, and prepare orders through online systems and customs electronic Services such as declaration, full status tracking, etc., to provide efficient, formal and legal international personal express parcels and commercial entry declaration delivery services for the current growing cross-border e-commerce market. Relying on our professional order management system and courier mobile APP operating software, we can complete multiple packaging orders every day, and strive to create stable, high-quality, fast, cheap, and efficient local intra-city services and inter-provincial logistics services for our users.
       With our international logistics platform services, we are here to improve customer experience satisfaction.
     互联网时代的到来使人们的生活发生了天翻地覆的变化,除了简单的获取信息资源以外,就连购物和物流转运和运输也发生了前所未有的改变。DH City Express,作为加拿大安大略省的一家快递公司,顺应着互联网时代的潮流,是提供快递服务给与人们便利生活的国际物流公司,满足境内外个人及电子商务企业需求,提供国际航空货运,通过在线系统制单,海关电子申报,全程状态追踪等服务,为目前境外至中国日益增长的跨境电子商务市场提供高效正规合法的国际个人快件包裹和商业入境申报配送服务。我们凭借着专业订单管理系统,快递员手机APP操作软件,每天可完成多件配货打包订单,为广大用户全力打造稳定、优质、快捷,便宜,高效的当地和国际物流平台服务,提高客户体验满意度。

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  • 公司地址:Unit 3, 200 Steelcase Road East, Markham, ON Canada L3R 1G2
  • 服务电话:905-604-2322

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